Vit Stix for Kids

Why We Are The Best Vitamins For Children

If you’ve got children, you will know the struggle of encouraging them to stay hydrated whilst also getting enough Vitamins so that they stay healthy. A lot of Vitamins come from veggies, which have a stigma of being yucky. If your children are like this, you are definitely not alone.

Luckily, Vit Stix are a great solution to overcome these two issues. In an easy to use stick, you simply tear and pour the liquid into 500ml of water to make a refreshing flavoured drink. So many parents have told us their children love the taste and actually get excited to drink water with the added bonus of taking their vitamins. If that isn’t a win win I don’t know what is! Continue reading for information on vitamins for kids and how Vit Stix stack up.

Recommended Intake for Children

B Vitamins (1mg per stick): Toddlers require 0.9mg per day. This equates to one Vit Stix a day. Ages 4-8 need 1.2mg, 9-13 1.8mg and teenagers need 2.4mg. For older kids two sticks a day is ideal. B Vitamins are great for supporting mental performance and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin C (20mg per stick):  Toddlers need 15mg per day. Age 4-8 need 25mg, 9-13 need 45mg and teenagers require around 75mg. Great for immunity and to give cells protection from infection.

Vitamin D (2.5μg per stick): Babies up to the age of one year need about 8.5-10μg per day, whilst children aged 1 to 4 should have at least 10μg per day. Children 5 years upwards need the same amount as adults, which is 5μg. Vit Stix have 50% of this in one drink – and so two drinks is 100%! This is especially important between October-March when sunlight levels are insufficient to get enough vitamin D from sunlight, so the NHS recommend everyone take supplements.

Zinc (2.5mg per stick): Toddlers need 3mg which is just one stick! Ages 4-8 need 5mg, 9-13 need 8mg daily and teenagers need between 8-11mg. Zinc is great for skin, hair and nail growth supplementing with Vit Stix can help with skin problems.


So many children either at school or at sports clubs will be given a bottle of water before they go, only to come back with the same bottle! Vit Stix are a tasty alternative, meaning they will drink more and keep their brain function and concentration up. Try one of our sports bottles so drinking water is even more ‘cool’! Or check out this blog on why hydration is so key.

Healthy Children

Getting children to eat certain foods can be a struggle, especially when those foods are green and have a stigma of being yucky. Whilst we are by no means saying to substitute vegetables and vitamin carrying foods for Vit Stix, they are a great way of ensuring they are still getting their Vitamins if fussiness takes over dinner times.

No Nasties!

Parents often get put off this sort of product as so many carries with them a lot of sugar, artificial colours and flavourings. We have listened and know that giving this stuff to children is bad. Vit Stix have no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours. So many parents have told us how happy this makes them – and we are committed to delivering this in every drink.

So why not give Vit Stix a try if you struggle to get your children drinking water and taking their daily vitamins?! They are a fun way to help your child stay healthy without the fuss.


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