Top 3 Essential Running Tips

Despite misconceptions around training longer or harder, the pro’s suggest we can focus on 3 things to improve our running form and reap the rewards.

Whilst doing vigorous exercise, such as running, it’s important to keep hydrated! Even when we think it's cold outside or we don't feel like we have pushed that hard, significant water is still lost to sweat. Vit Stix vitamin drinks are a great way to get the water back on! Not only because hey taste amazing so make drinking water easy.  But they also have the additional benefits of vitamins C, D, Zinc and B vitamins. All vitamins that runners often lack, particularly important are B vitamins which are great for giving a natural boost of energy – perfect for those long runs!

1. Stability is Key

Good bodily alignment is key to any run. Allowing your hips to pop out to the sides creates instability. Top coaches suggest working on gluteal muscles. These enhance body alignment and improve running form.

In order to work on these muscles, try single leg workouts such as single leg squats and lunges. Start next to a wall to start - this helps with stability. There are no prizes for performing these exercises without good form, so concentrate on getting the form right before moving away.

2. Warm Up Properly 

Due to time constraints, recreational runners tend to spend 5 minutes stretching before heading out of the door. The pro's tend to spend 30-60 minutes warming up, to slowly begin movement in the muscles and remind them of the correct form.

Simple exercises such as calf raises, single leg squats and running in place with high knees (with good form please) remind the body of how it should be moving.

Whilst time is a constraint, performing the correct  warm up can allow you to get the most from your run whilst also preventing injury.

3. Get a Coach

Ever considered getting a coach? Whilst pro athletes have the time to train with coaches, a recreational runner trying to bang out 5 miles before work may not consider a coach.

However, taking the time to work with a coach for as little as 3-5 sessions will allow you to learn some of the key alignment tips and warm up drills to progress your workouts further. The guys over at WE RUN are on a mission to bring professional running coaches to recreational runners. Check them out.

So there you have it 3 really simple tricks to help improve your running and get the most out of your training. If you like running check out our blogs on Vitamins and Running and Our Top Recovery Tips.


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