Lockdown Stories from Stix HQ

Okay so we have all been doing some funky things to keep us busy and entertained during Lockdown. From the absolute legend that is Captain Tom More, who now has his own Wikipedia page, to some funky fancy dress the great British public have not disappointed. So, what have we been up to at Stix HQ?

Like most people a lot of the team have had the difficulty of balancing work and school life all under the same roof but at least the kids have had plenty of Vit Stix to keep them properly hydrated and energised. I know we are not the only ones to do this, but everyone from the office seems to be an ultra-runner now that the gyms are closed. Our founder and chef hydrator Tom has smashed his best 10km time going sub 1 hour for the first time ever 👏. (check out the photo below 👇)

But I think there is one person in the office who has really pushed the boat out (or got very bored). Our Marketing Manager Harry having shocked most of the team with his new (very stylish) Mohican haircut on the group catch-up call last Monday we decided to ask what had inspired the new trim. Keep reading to find out what inspired Harry to run his first marathon on the 4th of July with no crowds on the country lanes of North Yorkshire and get a very interesting new trim.

Marketing intern: “So Harry what have you been up to?”

Harry: “I decided to raise some money for a cause very close to my heart by allowing friends, family and complete strangers to choose my next (very dodgy) haircut. As this didn’t require much effort on my behalf, I also decided to attempt my first marathon around North Yorkshire on the 4th of July.”

Intern: “So a bit of lockdown inspired exercise?”

Harry: “You could say that, I thought it would be a good use of some extra time I had on my hands. Plus, like most of my mates I seem to have become quite a keen runner over lockdown so why not see how keen?”

Intern: “Why did you want to raise some money?”

Harry: “Well I wanted to raise money and awareness of Sarcoma UK in memory of a very special person. July marks nearly a year and a half since my best friend Ellie Waind very sadly passed away after an incredibly brave and selfless fight against cancer at the age of 23. Ellie fought against a rare and nasty cancer known as Sarcoma. Sarcoma develops in the bone and soft tissue. It is difficult to diagnose and one of the hardest to treat. I just wanted to put this extra time and extra running to good use I guess.”

Intern: “She sounds like an amazing friend?”

Harry: “Ellie was an incredible friend, but she wasn't just my best friend she was a best friend to many. She asked very little of her friends and selflessly cared about all the people she loved all the way through her fight. All she did ask us to do was raise money and awareness for Sarcoma UK so that others like her might have a better chance. The bad haircut and run was the the least I could do.”

Intern: “How did the run go?”

Harry: “To be completely honest it’s a b****y long way to run and hats off to people who do multiple marathons a year or decide to run even further. It was tough at times but I had a very strong motivating factor so when it got sore, I just had to dig deep. Plenty of people told me before that it’s the last 6 miles that really hurt and they are completely right. I got to 20/22 miles okay and then the legs really started to feel it, at that point you just have to set little mental goals and get through it. I was counting my steps at one point!”

Intern: “Any injuries or hic-ups?”

Harry: “Nothing too bad just a couple of very impressive blisters. But that was my own fault for running in shoes that were only 2 weeks old and definitely didn’t have enough miles in them.”

Intern: “And finally I have to ask, how do you feel about the new haircut? It definitely gave me a bit of a shock when I first saw it.”

Harry: “To be honest it has grown on me. I really wasn’t expecting the Mohican to win the vote as I thought my friends would be more interested in seeing the slowly receding hairline. But I guess they will get to see that when I shave it all off in a month or so, so I guess its’s a win win for them. The worst thing about the whole thing was I got my family to give me the trim on the morning of the race and they all agreed that it was an improvement! I thought that was a bit rude and doesn’t reflect well on the lockdown trim before.”

Intern: “Well it’s an amazing effort and a novel way to raise money. How much did you raise in the end and can people still donate?”

Harry: “Thank you, so in total we have managed to raise over £3000 for Sarcoma UK which is fantastic and much more than I thought we would get, I was only aiming for £1000. I just want to say a massive thank you to all those who donated! You can definitely still donate by visiting the JustGiving page.”

Intern: “That’s great I’ll put a link at the bottom of the article. Well, thank you for your time and are there anymore mad adventures coming up?

Harry: “Well thank you for writing about it. I don’t think I’ve got anything lined up just yet but you never know what boredom can cause you to do.”

Well there you have it the full run down from Harry himself. Here is the link to the JustGiving page and check out Sarcoma’s post on the run and hairdo here. Have any of our Stix fans been up to anything a bit crazy during lockdown? Let us know on our socials and don’t forget to stay hydrated!


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