Christmas tree inspiration

It’s time to pull the decorations out of the attic and put up your Christmas tree. 
There are lots of ways you can decorate your tree, whether that is a real tree or a fake tree. You could want to keep a traditional look or go for something different for a modern 2020 look! We’ve put together a few ideas on how you could decorate your tree, you could even end up mixing ideas to make your tree unique!

The Traditional Tree


A tree trimmed in traditional red and green emphatically says "Christmas". 

Keeping with traditional themes, you can add papier-mâché ornaments or wooden letters to personalise your tree.  

Some traditional christmas trees are known to of had citrus ornaments, hanging dried slices of lemons and oranges on the tree. Fruity is always the best, especially when it comes to vitamin drinks😉



The Modern Snow Tree

Fancy something a little bit modern? How about opting for a snow white tree? Simple but can show your colourful decorations and let your snowflakes sparkle. You may chose to stick with traditional red and green or maybe gold and white may suit you better. 


Minimalistic Tree


When creating a minimalist Christmas tree and setting, focus on only the essentials. Strip down to a few simple white lights and a few snowflakes, you could even skip the ornaments all together. The look is calming and inviting without all the extra trimming, especially when paired with a simple evergreen wreath and a cozy faux fur throw, giving your living room a distinctly modern feel. 




Colourful Tree


Be bold and make a statement. Decorate your tree so that it pops with colour. It really will be a show stopper and grab everyones attention when they walk in the room!



Real or Fake Tree


We always want our tree to look it's best that's why a lot of people prefer a real tree. But, don't be fooled, you can get some of the best real looking fake trees! (That's a mouthful to say).

Real trees have a beautiful smell but with pets they could be an issue. Way up your pros and cons, but if a fake tree is just for you, take a look at these!



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