Exercise in Lockdown

We all know that daily exercise is a vital ingredient to a healthy life, but how are we supposed to achieve that whilst staying inside? It sounds counter intuitive to be told to stay inside whilst also being told to exercise. But, from high intensity circuits to more zen yoga sessions there are a load of ways to keep fit from your living room.

Daily physical activity is essential and great for both the body and mind. The NHS recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity every day. This means you can achieve your targets with anything from hiking to sprint training. But, 2 of these exercise sessions each week need to be strengthening activities that work all the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms). It is important to reduce the amount of time spent sitting and break up long periods of being stationary with some physical activity. Sitting around for extended periods of time seems hard to avoid whilst self-isolating or working from home. Therefore, short and sweet workouts are the perfect solution. Below are some ideas and tips to keep you fit during lockdown.

Online Fitness Videos

Someone suggested fitness DVD’s to me but I couldn’t help but think it’s not the 80’s, we have the internet now and we should make the most of Youtube. One of the best for at home fitness workouts is the legend Joe Wicks form the Body coach TV. I’m aware that everyone has heard of him recently for his morning PE lessons, but he also has 1000’s of home HIIT workouts on Youtube. These aim to test people of all abilities without technically moving anywhere (this does not mean you won’t be moving, warning your legs might die afterwards).

You might have herd of Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, the Olympic heptathlete and national hero. She has recently launched a fitness app called Jennisfitness. It features loads of simple circuit training sessions to keep you moving. She has posted many of these to her Facebook page to keep us lean but clean and help stop the spread.


Yoga is great for both the mind and body with its focus on breathing and control being potentially very effective for those of us who are finding the current circumstances overwhelming. Luckily there are loads of great (and FREE) yoga apps and videos out there. Yoga International was running a 30-day free trial for those who need a bit more motivation, it is possible to set weekly goals and aims. Or you can follow Yoga with Adrian or Five Parks Yoga on Youtube for easy to follow videos for all abilities. If that isn’t enough you can carry Yoga round in your pocket with Down Dog app and do easy sessions from anywhere. Yoga is amazing for improving flexibility and building core strength whilst also strengthening stabilising muscles making injury around joints and weak points much less likely.


Working out doesn't need to feel forced. If you love to hit the dance floor then dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn some calories. You can jump back to the 80’s here and get yourself a dance along DVD (or just look for one on Youtube). Or even easier, stick on your favourite album or create a playlist and get moving! Try to find your inner Napoleon Dynamite and get sweaty to some sick beats without needing to leave your room! Or, if you feel like your moves need to be seen by the world then head to TikTok. Here you can pick a dance to learn, smash it on tape and send it to the world!

There are lots of ways to get up and get active without needing to leave your house. My advice would be to pick a variety of different things. This will break up your daily routine and will also work all your different muscle groups. Of course, you can still go outside once a day for a run or a walk, which is a great way to top up your vitamin D and clear your head. Just make sure you stay at least 2m away from others! Whatever exercise you do make sure you are staying properly hydrated, and drink lots of water, or even better hydrate with Vitamins!

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