Vit Stix Reusable Sports Bottle

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The perfect Sports Bottle.

✔︎ BPA FREE Sports Bottle

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Product Overview


The perfect way to enjoy Vit Stix, our BPA Free Sports bottle has a non leak lid and fits perfectly in the gym or on your desk.

They’re perfect for:
✔︎ WORK – Reduce Fatigue and Tiredness at work whilst boosting immunity.
✔︎ SPORT – Natural Energy to enhance cognitive & physical performance and vitamins to aid recovery.
✔︎ DAILY – The perfect daily vitamin supplement to stay focused and healthy.
✔︎ TRAVEL – Convenient single portions that can go through hand luggage.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 8 × 15 × 20 cm
Suggested Use Use your favourite Vit Stix to make a refreshing 500ml drink


✔︎ Vit Stix Branded bottle
✔︎ BPA Free Materials
✔︎ Highest Grade Polyethelene
✔︎ Sports Valve lid (No spillages or chewing)
✔︎ Made in the UK

Vit Stix Reusable Sports Bottle