Display CubeSquash stix Apple & Blackcurrant Nutritional Info
Display Cube
Squash stix Apple & Blackcurrant Nutritional Info

Squash Stix Display Cube + 50 Stix

£9.99 £6.99

A refreshing Orange Squash drink.

✔︎ 25 Orange Stix
✔︎ 25 Apple & Blackcurrant Stix
✔︎ Display Cube

✔︎ No Artificial Colours/Flavours
✔︎ No Added Sugar
✔︎ Improve Hydration – Add to 200ml of water
✔︎ Easy Open Tear Notch
✔︎ Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly


Create a refreshing drink with these individual sachets of squash. The display cube is perfect for your water cooler, office kitchen or other areas such as a hospital ward.

They’re perfect for:
✔︎ OFFICES – Encourage employee hydration at water coolers and in office kitchens.
✔︎ HEALTHCARE – Great for patients to boost hydration and offer infection control.
✔︎ HOTELS – Enhance in-room experience with a value added product.
✔︎ TRAVEL – Perfectly partnered with water to offer a choice when travelling.
✔︎ CATERING – Offer a refreshing drink for people within cafes and catering
✔︎ PERSONAL – Great for lunch boxes or taking on holiday.