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New Website Launch


Firstly I want to thank you for making your way to this page and supporting Stix™️. We initially launched Squash Stix™️ to allow people to hydrate with cups of water and then grew the range introducing Vit Stix™️ in 2017 (rebranding in 2018), however, there was one big problem…

In our rush to get this fantastic new vitamin product out to you, we had to create a new website for Vit Stix, meaning our two websites were separated. Lots of our customers were buying both products and it didn’t make sense to keep the websites apart.

I’m therefore very proud to be combining our websites and enhancing the shopper experience. You can shop by category or product in our shop. Julia and I are really pleased with the journey so far and look forward to growing into the worlds leading Single Portion Drinks Company.

We’ve got some exciting new product launches coming so make sure you Sign Up for our latest news (we’ll also give you discounts and offers as part of ‘Team Stix’).

Thanks for being part of our journey.


Tom Anderson-Dixon

Chief Hydrator

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