About Us

At Stix, we set out to change the way people drink...

On a placement year with Marks & Spencer, Tom noticed people of all ages bringing bottles of squash into the catering unit, to make a squash drink at the watercooler. Making a coffee with a pot of milk, he suggested “what if we put squash into these portions and kept them by the watercooler?”… An idea was born!

After successfully launching and running Squash Stix, single portions of liquid squash concentrate, business partners Tom & Julia realised that running a business, exercising & socialising left little time to focus on getting the right vitamins through a healthy diet.

Sharing their issues with others and researching the market, they found that they were not alone, and on the back of the success from Squash Stix, they developed Vit Stix to allow them, and others, to conveniently stay hydrated with vitamins designed to enhance both cognitive & physical performance.